School districts are frequently under budgetary constraints and continuously looking for ways to ease the financial costs of schools. Here at MetroLED, we have provided public and private schools, early childhood programs, and day care facilities with the LED solutions needed in order to create a comfortable learning and teaching environment for students and teachers. Using certified indoor LED lights with dimming capabilities, teachers can create a classroom environment specific to a lesson plan or time of day. Outside the classroom, we provide gymnasium, auditorium, hallway, stairwell, and parking LED lights which are all customizable to your individual needs.

Outdoor LED message boards have become a vital part for school administrators to communicate with its local communities. Customizable messages can share student achievements, event dates, and announcements by simply creating the message in our easy to use software. Message such as, “Congratulations to the Class of 2016”, “Due to the weather, school will closed tomorrow”, or “Football game has been postponed to 8:00 pm! GO FALCONS!” Once you purchase your LED lights, we will file your power company rebate at no additional cost. Call us now or provide your information on the contact page and an account manager will reach out to you shortly.