Lighting not only provides visibility but can create and enhance a guest’s experience when booking a room at a resort, hotel, or motel. That is why MetroLED offers a variety of LED solutions including LED tube lights, LED candle lights, LED street and parking lights, LED wall lights, and LED flood lights. The selection of LED products allow for hotel and motel owners to customize their lighting needs. From the color of the light to brightness, customization is what we do best. Within the hotel industry, LED solutions offer a number of long term benefits. As the lights are operating on a 24 hour basis, the operational costs and maintenance of traditional lighting can add significant overhead. With LED lighting, hotel and motel owners can save up to 70% compared to tradition lighting solutions, spend less time on maintenance as our LED lights come with a five to ten year warranty with a life of 50,000+ hours, and maintain cooler temperatures which in turn reduces the use and cost of air conditioning.

Whether you are building a new structure or looking to retrofit current fixtures, our products not only will save you money but provide long term satisfaction.