C-Stores/Gas Stations


From outdoor LED Flood, wall pack and Canopy lights to indoor LED cooler and ceiling lights. MetroLED can provide newly developed C-Stores or existing C-Stores with a variety of LED solutions. We have the ability to retrofit all existing C-Store or show your installer how to perform the installation to save even more money to being good return on your investment. We also file power company rebates for no additional cost. Our expert installers and our expert sales team have the necessary skills and tools needed to meet your individual needs.

In addition to LED lights, we offer a range of electronic message board sizes and digital gas signs that will transform your C-Store and bring long term sustainable sales result every time when advertise grocery deals or adjust gas prices within seconds.

The integration of LED lights within a C-Store not only provides a more appealing environment to your customers but owners have saved 50%, 60% and up to 70% of power usage from the previous traditional lighting and that bring a good smile on their faces, by selling more quality products while saving money is not only something we offer, but guarantee! Call us now or provide your information on the contact page and an account manager will reach out to you shortly.